List of Top 10 Food Manufacturing Companies in UAE (2024)

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is home to some of the world’s top food manufacturing companies. These companies provide a wide range of products and services, from the production of processed foods to the packaging and distribution of food products. This list of top 10 food manufacturing companies in the UAE is a comprehensive overview of the country’s leading food manufacturers, highlighting their successes and achievements. The companies range from small-scale, regional operations to large multinationals, all of which play a crucial role in the UAE’s growing food industry.

List of Top 10 Food Manufacturing Companies in UAE (1)

Al Ghurair Foods

Al Ghurair Foods is a leading food processing company in the Middle East. Founded in 1976, the company has grown to become one of the region’s largest food processors, with a broad portfolio of products that includes a wide range of convenience foods, including canned, frozen, and dried fruits and vegetables. The company is also one of the largest suppliers of cooking oils, pulses, and other food ingredients in the region. Al Ghurair Foods has a strong commitment to sustainability, and is certified by the Global Food Safety Initiative, which ensures the safety and quality of their products.

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The company has also established a network of distribution centers throughout the Middle East, including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, and the UAE. In addition to its food processing business, Al Ghurair Foods also manufactures and distributes a range of home and personal care products. The company is highly customer-focused, offering an extensive range of services, such as product customization and packaging design. Al Ghurair Foods is committed to helping its customers meet their needs, and is always looking to innovate and develop new products.

Al Islami Foods

Al Islami Foods is a leading food and beverage company in the Middle East, offering a wide range of halal-certified products. Founded in Dubai in 1981, Al Islami has become a trusted brand among consumers in the region, with a commitment to providing high-quality, tasty food that is safe and nutritious. The company offers a variety of frozen, chilled, and ambient products, including ready-made meals, grills, pastries, sandwiches, snacks, and beverages.

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All products are made with premium ingredients and processed in accordance with Islamic principles, ensuring that they meet the highest quality standards. Al Islami also works closely with local farmers and suppliers to source fresh and sustainable ingredients. With its commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, Al Islami has become a leader in the Middle Eastern food industry.

Al Rawabi Dairy Company

Al Rawabi Dairy Company is the largest dairy and juice producer in the Arabian Gulf and UAE region. Founded in 1989, the company has grown to become the leading dairy producer in the region, with a range of high-quality dairy and juice products. The company supplies its products to supermarkets, restaurants, convenience stores, and other outlets throughout the UAE and other Gulf countries.

Al Rawabi also has a comprehensive food safety and quality management system in place, ensuring that their products meet the highest standards of quality and safety. As part of their commitment to sustainability, the company sources its milk from local farmers and uses renewable energy sources to power its production processes. Al Rawabi Dairy Company is committed to delivering exceptional quality products with the highest standards of safety and sustainability.

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Al Rawdah Emirates Foods

Al Rawdah Emirates Foods is a leading food and beverage company in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Founded in 1994, the company has grown to become one of the largest food and beverage companies in the Middle East. Al Rawdah offers a wide range of products, from fresh and frozen chicken and turkey to processed meats, dairy products, canned food, and snacks.

Al Rawdah also produces its own line of premium ice cream and flavored milk. The company is committed to providing high-quality products that are Halal certified and meet international food safety standards. Al Rawdah is also dedicated to sustainability, using advanced technologies to minimize water, energy, and waste wherever possible. The company is constantly innovating and has recently launched a number of new products, such as organic chicken, plant-based burgers, and gluten-free snacks. Al Rawdah’s products are available in supermarkets and convenience stores across the UAE.

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National Food Products Company (NFPC)

National Food Products Company (NFPC) is a leading food manufacturing and distribution company based in the United Arab Emirates. The company was founded in 1971 and has been dedicated to providing quality food and beverage products to the Middle East and Africa region ever since.

NFPC has become one of the leading companies in the region, offering a wide range of products including dairy and juice, snacks, confectionery, ready-to-eat meals, and frozen food. The company has a strong presence in more than 15 countries, and offers its products through a network of distributors and retail outlets. NFPC is committed to quality assurance, food safety and sustainability, and offers its customers a wide range of product lines and services.

Emirates Refreshments

Emirates Refreshments is a leading provider of high-quality, nutritious products and services to the hospitality industry in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Established in 1980, the company has steadily grown to become one of the premier suppliers of shelf-stable, frozen and fresh food and beverage products in the region.

With its impressive range of international and regional brands, Emirates Refreshments has something for everyone, from fresh juices, sandwiches and salads to canned soups, canned fruits and vegetables, frozen and chilled entrées, and much more. The company also offers comprehensive delivery, catering and customer service support to ensure customers get the best possible product, every time.

Al Ain Dairy

Al Ain Dairy is a leading Middle Eastern dairy products manufacturer based in the United Arab Emirates. Founded in 1981, the company produces a wide range of products such as UHT milk, yogurt, cheese, laban, juices, and desserts. Al Ain Dairy is known for its commitment to all-natural ingredients and wholesome nutrition.

The company has received multiple awards for its product quality, customer service, and sustainability initiatives. Al Ain Dairy has also established a network of more than 10,000 retail outlets across the UAE, making it one of the region’s most recognized brands.

Al Ain Farms for Livestock Production

Al Ain Farms for Livestock Production is a leading UAE-based company, headquartered in Abu Dhabi. Founded in 1981, the company produces quality livestock products, such as eggs, milk, and meat, from their farms and facilities located throughout the United Arab Emirates.

The company is committed to producing high-quality food products in an environmentally-friendly manner. Their products are Halal certified and meet international standards for food safety. They also offer a variety of services to meet the demands of their customers, including feed milling, animal health services, and biosecurity protocols. With their innovative approach to animal welfare, Al Ain Farms has become a leader in the UAE’s livestock production industry.

JB Foods LLC

JB Foods LLC is a leading provider of food products in the United Arab Emirates. Founded in 2004, the company has grown to become one of the largest food producers and distributors in the UAE. JB Foods produces a wide range of products including canned fruits, vegetables, and juices.

In addition, the company also produces a range of ready-to-eat meals, snacks, and desserts. With its well-established distribution network, JB Foods is able to reach customers in all seven emirates. The company also strives to provide quality products and services to its customers, as evidenced by its ISO 22000 certification.

Kinetic Foods Manufacturing LLC

Kinetic Foods Manufacturing LLC is a food manufacturing company located in the United States. The company specializes in producing a wide range of healthy and delicious food products, including frozen and shelf-stable meals, breakfast items, snacks, and more.

The company is committed to providing the highest quality of customer service and is dedicated to creating products that are balanced, nutritious, and flavorful. Kinetic Foods Manufacturing LLC is committed to sustainability, sourcing ingredients responsibly, and supporting the community.

Wrapping up…

In conclusion, the List of Top 10 Food Manufacturing Companies in UAE provides a comprehensive overview of the leaders in this sector of the United Arab Emirates economy. These companies have established a strong presence in the market, offering a wide range of food products and services.

With their innovative approaches and dedication to quality, these companies have proven to be reliable suppliers of quality food products and services. As the UAE continues to develop and grow, the food manufacturing industry is likely to remain one of the most important contributors to the country’s economic success.

What is the biggest food factory in UAE?

The biggest food factory in the UAE is Al Ghurair Foods, the largest flour milling and food ingredient manufacturing complex in the Middle East. The factory produces a wide range of products, including flour, sugar, rice, and other food ingredients.

What industries produce food in the UAE?

The food industry in the UAE is quite diverse, with a wide range of products being produced. The main industries producing food in the UAE include dairy, poultry, fisheries, dates and honey, fruits and vegetables, processed food, grains and legumes, and bakery goods.

The dairy industry is a major part of the food industry in the UAE, with the country producing a range of dairy products such as yogurt, cheese, and milk. Poultry farms are also an important part of the food industry in the UAE, producing a variety of chicken, eggs, and other poultry products. The fisheries industry is also important, with fisheries in the UAE producing a range of fresh and frozen fish, crustaceans, and other seafood products.

In addition, dates and honey are also produced in the UAE, with the country being well-known for its high-quality dates. The UAE also produces a variety of fruits and vegetables, including dates, tomatoes, cucumbers, melons, and more. Processed food is also produced in the UAE, with a range of canned and packaged products such as juices, jams, chutneys, and condiments. Grains and legumes such as wheat, barley, and lentils are also produced in the UAE. Finally, the UAE produces a range of bakery products such as cakes, cookies, and pastries.

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List of Top 10 Food Manufacturing Companies in UAE (2024)


Which is the largest food manufacturer in the UAE? ›

A National Holding company, Emirates Food Industries (EFI) is one of the leading agricultural and dairy holding companies in the UAE.

What are the top 3 food manufacturing companies? ›

The three largest food and beverage companies for 2021 in the U.S. are PepsiCo., Tyson Foods, and Nestle. That's according to our annual reporting of the top food & beverage companies in North America.

What are the list of the largest food manufacturers? ›

World's largest food and beverage companies
  • Nestle. ...
  • Archer Daniels Midland Company. ...
  • Cargill. ...
  • Sysco Corporation. ...
  • JBS. ...
  • George Weston. ...
  • Tyson Foods. ...
  • Danone.

What food products are produced in UAE? ›

The major vegetable crops, supplying nearly all the country's needs during the season, are tomatoes, cabbage, eggplant, squash, and cauliflower. Ras al-Khaimah produces most of the country's vegetables. In addition to dates, the major fruit crops are citrus and mangoes.

What are the best food brands in the UAE? ›

United Food Industries also has some well-recognised brands in the UAE. Aseel, Safi, Nawar, Mumtaz, Della Terra, and Super Sun are all brands owned by the United Food Industries. National Food Industries — Established as far back as 1977 when it was just one packing machine for every product.

How big is the food industry in the UAE? ›

Revenue in the Food market amounts to US$37.89bn in 2023.

What are the 10 main food companies? ›

So whether you're looking to stock up on anything from orange soda to latte-flavored potato chips, Mondelez, Kraft, Coca-Cola, Nestlé, PepsiCo, P&G, Johnson & Johnson, Mars, Danone, General Mills, Kellogg's, and Unilever own just about everything you could hope to buy.

What is the biggest company in the food industry? ›

Nestlé was briefly dethroned by Anheuser-Busch InBev in 2018, but has otherwise held the title of top food company for more than a decade. This year, AB InBev ranked second, after pulling in $57 billion in annual sales, a $3 billion spike from the year prior when clubs and bars bounced back from pandemic shut-downs.

Who is the #1 food distributor in the world? ›

Top Food Distribution Companies in the World as of Jan. 01, 2023
1Sysco CorporationFood Distribution
2Jerónimo Martins, SGPS, SAFood Distribution
3Bunzl plcFood Distribution
4Performance Food Group CompanyFood Distribution
46 more rows

How many companies dominate the food industry? ›

At a Glance

The “Big 10” food companies are Mondelez, Coca-Cola, Nestle, PepsiCo, Associated British Products, Mars, Danone, General Mills, Kellogg's and Unilever.

Who is the largest wholesale food distributor? ›

Sysco, a Fortune 500 company, is the world's largest food distributor with over 650,000 clients serviced through 343 distribution facilities worldwide across 90 countries. For fiscal 2021 that ended July 3, 2021, Sysco generated sales of more than $51 billion.

What state has the most food manufacturers? ›

California is a food manufacturing powerhouse. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Economic Research Service, the Golden State has the highest number of food manufacturing plants in the nation—nearly 5,650.

What is UAE famous for producing? ›

Oil has transformed the country into one of the world's most advanced states. Producing more than 2.9 million barrels a day, the UAE has about six percent of the world's oil reserves.

What is the main production in UAE? ›

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is among the world's ten largest oil producers. About 96% of the country's roughly 100 billion barrels of proven oil reserves are located in Abu Dhabi, ranking number six worldwide.

Which food brand is famous in Dubai? ›

Some popular brands you must have seen on supermarket shelves include Emirates Pofaki, Mr. Krisps, Bakeman's, Sindbad and Mr. Pofak. Over the past four decades, the company has thrived because of its operational agility and innovation.

Who makes Emirates meals? ›

Whether you're on a short or long haul flight, expect your meals to be served on Royal Doulton fine bone china along with cutlery exclusively made for Emirates by Robert Welch.

Does UAE produce its own food? ›

Fresh food year-round

Pure Harvest is far from the only innovative farm in the United Arab Emirates. Uns Farms, Madar Farms, and Badia Farms are other inspiring examples showing how to grow fresh food 365 days a year.

What is food capital UAE? ›

Dubai has established itself as the food capital of the world, offering a diverse range of cuisines that reflect the city's cosmopolitan culture.

What is the most imported food in UAE? ›

In 2021, dairy was the leading product category imported to the United Arab Emirates, at 1.4 billion U.S. dollars.

Who are 4 of the largest food retailers? ›

  • Wakefern Food Corp. > Sales during FY 2021: $17.8 billion. ...
  • Aldi U.S. > Sales during FY 2021: $18.2 billion. ...
  • Walmart Canada. > Sales during FY 2021: $21.8 billion. ...
  • Empire Company Ltd. ( Sobeys) ...
  • Rite Aid. > Sales during FY 2021: $24.6 billion. ...
  • Meijer Inc. ...
  • Costco (Canada) ...
  • Alimentation Couche-Tard (U.S. only, including Circle K)
Mar 14, 2023

What are the most famous food brands? ›

  • Mondelez International. Maker of Oreo, Cadbury Dairy Milk, Toblerone chocolate and Trident gum, among other well-known brands, Mondelez International sells its goods in more than 150 countries around the world and is headquartered in Chicago, US. ...
  • PepsiCo. ...
  • Nestlé ...
  • Mars. ...
  • Unilever. ...
  • Danone Group. ...
  • General Mills. ...
  • Grupo Bimbo.
Aug 8, 2022

What is the big food industry and list some examples? ›

What Is Big Food? Similar to Big Pharma, Big Agriculture, and Big Oil, Big Food is characterized by the domination of a major market by just a few large companies. In this case, the industry is food being marketed and sold to consumers, and the companies include Kellogg's, Nestlé, and General Mills.

What is the most profitable food company in the world? ›

Instead, that title goes to The Coca-Cola Company (NYSE:KO). Coca-Cola earned $9.5 billion in revenue in the twelve months ending in December 2022, for a profit margin of 22% - just a little lower than McDonald's despite selling different kinds of products.

What is big food industry? ›

"Big Food" refers to the handful of multinational corporations that own the vast majority of foods and drinks we consume.

What is the largest food group? ›

Grains, the largest food group in many nutrition guides, includes oats, barley and bread. Cookies, however, are categorized as sugar. Vegetables, the second largest food group in many nutrition guides, come in a wide variety of shapes, colors and sizes.

Who is Sysco owned by? ›

Sysco Corp (NYSE:SYY)

Institutional investors hold a majority ownership of SYY through the 85.74% of the outstanding shares that they control. This interest is also higher than at almost any other company in the Food Distributors industry.

Who is leading the fast food industry? ›

McDonald's Corporation is the largest fast-food chain. As of 2022, Starbucks is the largest restaurant company by revenue, with 35,000 stores globally.

Which company owns most food? ›

The World's Largest Food and Beverage Companies in 2022
Food RankGlobal 2000 RankCompany
146Nestle S.A.
286PepsiCo, Inc.
393Anheuser-Busch InBev SA
4114Coca-Cola Co.
6 more rows
May 12, 2022

Who are the largest food distributors in USA? ›

Sysco Corporation - The Top Food Distributor in the USA

Sysco Corporation is a leading distributor in the foodservice industry, generating an impressive annual revenue of over $68 billion.

Who are America's largest wholesalers? ›

Top Wholesale Suppliers in The USA (2023)
Sr. No.Wholesale SuppliersRatings
6 more rows

Who is the largest food supplier in the US? ›

The largest food supplier in the US is California, which produces over 400 food commodities annually.

Where does most US food come from? ›

In fact, in 2016, close to 90% of the food and beverage products consumed in America were produced in the U.S. According to the USDA, in 2021 the top five producing states were California, Iowa, Nebraska, Texas and Minnesota and the leading farm products in the U.S. were cattle, corn, soybeans, milk and other dairy ...

Where does the US rank in food production? ›

What US states produce the most food? (Ranking 1-50)What US states produce the most food? (Ranking 1-50) California ranks first in the U.S. for agricultural cash receipts followed by Iowa, Texas, Nebraska and Illinois.

Which US state has most industry? ›

With 23,078 manufacturers employing 1,385,974 manufacturing workers, California is the nation's largest manufacturing state. A hotbed for innovation, electronics is California's largest industrial sector, home to top companies such as Tesla, Raytheon, Northrop Grumman, and General Atomics.

What is the largest industry in the UAE? ›

The UAE's oil and gas sector is its most important industry, accounting for 34% of its total GDP. According to the International Trade Administration, the UAE produces around 3.2 million barrels per day of crude oil, making it one of the top 10 producers worldwide.

What is the UAE largest export? ›

United Arab Emirates' economy is highly dependent on the exports of oil and natural gas (40 percent of total exports). Others exports include: pearls and other precious metals and stones (28 percent of total exports), machinery sound recorders and parts (9 percent) and transport vehicles (6 percent).

Where does UAE get its food from? ›

UAE food and agriculture imports

The UAE imports 85% of the food it consumes. > In 2021, Australia exported $1.06 billion of AFF products to the UAE, predominately meat and crop products. This was 57.4% higher than 2020.

Where does the UAE import its food from? ›

In 2020, the top partner countries from which United Arab Emirates Imports Food Products include Brazil, United States, Korea, Rep., United Kingdom and Saudi Arabia.

How many manufacturing companies are there in Dubai? ›

Manufacturing Companies in Dubai - 345 companies | AmbitionBox.

What are 3 Emirati traditional food? ›

Other traditional Emirati dishes include Deyay Nashef (chicken cooked in a rich, aromatic tomato sauce served with rice or fluffy flatbread), ma Khoboz Wagafi (traditional Emirati bread), Robyan Mashwi (spiced, grilled jumbo shrimp served with rice or flatbread), Saloona Deya ma Khudar (spiced vegetable and meat stew), ...

What is the national fruit of UAE? ›

Today, dates are considered the national fruit of the United Arab Emirates.

What are 4 famous Emirati dishes? ›

Here’s a list of some of the most famous dishes and where to eat them.
  • Shawarma. ...
  • Shish Tawouk Sandwich. ...
  • Manakish. ...
  • Al Harees. ...
  • Al Machboos. ...
  • Fattoush. ...
  • Thereed. ...
  • Shirin Polo.

Which emirate is the largest producer of vegetables in UAE? ›

Abu Dhabi has the largest number of farms in the country, and the local farmer service centres marketed around 68 types of fresh vegetables and six types of fruits as part of the agricultural plan during 2018-2019.

What are the biggest food retailers in Dubai? ›

Top 8 Dubai Grocery Stores: Where to Shop?
  1. Carrefour. In Dubai, you can find Carrefour stores quite frequently. ...
  2. Union Coop Supermarket Dubai. Union Coop Supermarket Dubai has been present in the city for over 25 years. ...
  3. Spinneys. ...
  4. Choithrams Dubai. ...
  5. Lulu Hypermarket. ...
  6. Westzone Fresh Supermarket. ...
  7. Baquer Mohebi. ...
  8. Waitrose.
Sep 23, 2022

What is the biggest hypermarket chain in UAE? ›

Carrefour is one of the biggest hypermarket chains not only in the UAE, but across the Middle East region.

What is the king of fruits in UAE? ›

We give you the ultimate guide to the 'king of fruits,' - the mango.

What is the most eaten food in the UAE? ›

What is the most popular food in UAE? A. The most popular food in UAE includes Falafel, Shawarma, Harees, Fattoush, and Manakish. The best thing is that most of these UAE dishes are that they are under the street food category.

What is the Walmart equivalent in Dubai? ›


Carrefour is not only great for groceries, but also because it stocks many other lower-budget items including clothes, accessories, electronics, appliances and so much more.

What is the main supermarket in Dubai? ›

The most famous hypermarket in Dubai is the Carrefour. In total, Carefour has six huge supermarkets in Dubai, including in the Mall of the Emirates and in the Deira City Center shopping center.

What is the 2nd largest supermarket chain? ›

Largest U.S. grocers by market share, 2022

Walmart is the most popular grocery store chain nationwide, with 25.2% of the market share as of last year. Costco and Kroger are the second- and third-most-popular grocers, with 7.1% and 5.6% of the market share, respectively.

Which is the biggest company in UAE? ›

International Holding Company

What are the richest food companies in 2023? ›

Nestle SA, Mondelez International Inc, The Hershey Co, General Mills Inc, and The Kraft Heinz Co are the top 5 food companies in the world in 2023 by market capitalization (as of Mar 31, 2023).


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