UAE IAA on LinkedIn: #uaeiaa #arac2023 #21starac #auditingconference #internalaudit… (2024)


The UAE Internal Auditors Association (UAE IAA) is the official IIA affiliate in the UAE.

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The audience engages in a captivating interaction at UAE IAA 2023, where ideas flow freely and insights take flight. Witness the dynamic connection as knowledge is shared, questions are explored, and a transformative exchange of expertise unfolds.#Uaeiaa #arac2023 #21starac #auditingconference #internalaudit #conferences2023 #Masterclass

  • UAE IAA on LinkedIn: #uaeiaa #arac2023 #21starac #auditingconference #internalaudit… (2)
  • UAE IAA on LinkedIn: #uaeiaa #arac2023 #21starac #auditingconference #internalaudit… (3)
  • UAE IAA on LinkedIn: #uaeiaa #arac2023 #21starac #auditingconference #internalaudit… (4)
  • UAE IAA on LinkedIn: #uaeiaa #arac2023 #21starac #auditingconference #internalaudit… (5)


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Omar Salem (CMA, CIA, CRMA, PMP)

Governance - Risk Management - Compliance - Internal Control- Internal Audit - ICOFR - Quality Assurance Over Internal Audit - Risk Control Self Assessment


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Zahia Chaaya

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  • Ontic


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    It’s day 2 of the #ParisAirShow – can you believe it’s been 4 years since the last one?! Shows like this are always a whirlwind and #PAS2023 is no different – with some great meetings had and more scheduled's good to be back!Come see us on stand E25 (hall 4).#ParisAirShow20023 #Ontic #Aviation #AviationIndustry

    • UAE IAA on LinkedIn: #uaeiaa #arac2023 #21starac #auditingconference #internalaudit… (11)
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  • Robert Voyle

    Chief Executive Officer at Aviation Services Research Centre

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    TheAviation Services Research Centre (ASRC)staff are looking forward to meeting up with the Hong Kong Aviation community at next week’sAsia Pacific Region Innovation & Capacity Building Symposium 2023 (APICS 2023) event.In line with the ICAO Assembly Resolution A40-27 on “Innovation in Aviation” and global initiatives on “Capacity Building”, APICS 2023 has set the theme of “Uniting the Strength of Innovation for Building a Seamless Sky” with global leading exhibitors assembling and showcasing their innovative solutions and capabilities via exhibitions, demonstrations and talks. APICS 2023 will bring together aviation leaders, decision-makers and senior professionals from Civil Aviation Authorities, Air Navigation Service Providers, Airport Operators and leading Systems/Solutions Integrators in the Asia Pacific Region and beyond in search for innovative solutions to further enhance air navigation and airport operations. The event is jointly organised by the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC), the Civil Aviation Department of Hong Kong, China (HKCAD) and the Hong Kong International Aviation Academy (HKIAA). With the support from the ICAO APAC Regional Office. It will also include first flight outside of mainland China of the COMAC C919, plus the opportunity to visit the aircraft as well as the COMAC ARJ21 as part of a static display. #aviation#research#development#innovation#technology#mro#manufacturing#airline#airport#translationalresearch#knowledgetransfer#sustainability#cooperation#collabboration#collaborativeresearch#impactful#gba#aviationindustry


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  • Steve Meeks

    Executive at Infina, Ltd.

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    Refresher training for ANSPs


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  • ICAO4U


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    Join us: We will stream LIVE: 10:30 - 25.02.2023 at PILOT EXPO BERLIN"The value of efficient and effective communication in aviation"- Szymon Janicki, ICAO4U – aviation languageEfficiency and effectiveness of aviation communication are the key values which we put in the spotlight of ICAO4U Mission. We build up the skills of aviation personnel and provide state-of-the-art online testing opportunity which live up to strict requirements of EASA and ICAO. Maintaining the highest standards of test content and convenience of online approach to certification have been the prime focus of ICAO4 both so far and for the years to come. #icao #icao4u

    LIVE from PILOT EXPO BERLIN: The value of efficient and effective communication in aviation

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  • Tim Winter

    Contrail Management at SATAVIA | Aerospace Engineer | Data Scientist

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    Is SATAVIA the BrewDog of aviation? Interesting article in Foxtrot Delta written by SATAVIA’s Conor Farrington on the recent developments in the sustainable aviation space, with a focus on non-CO2 and #contrailsAn edgy headline and image to highlight the key challenges in the industry and bring these issues to the forefront. More often than not, these issues are overlooked by the established players… Very BrewDog-esque… James Watt As an industry, let’s help the airlines, rather than bash and shame them for the habits that they are trying to overcome… #sustainable #aviation #airlines #brewdog #marketing #punkaviation


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  • Théo Castex

    Business developer en alternance chez France Aviation Civile Services - Service ATD / ATD Analytics

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    Need strategic information on traffic about an airport, a destination or an airline? ✈️I will be present at the PTE Frankfurt to discuss and present you how our data and software solutions can support you in your strategic decision-making and development.Meet you in April 16 and 17. #data #airtraffic #airports #airlines #routesdevelopment #retailandconcession


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  • Avfoil


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    Farnborough International and Royal Aeronautical Society China Representative Office (RAeS China) have signed a memorandum of understanding.The agreement will see the two organisations “drive collaboration” between the European and Chinese AAM sectors and share insight at both Farnborough International’s Asiaand RAeS China’s AAM International Conference (AAMIC).Julian MacCormac, honorary president of RAeS China, said: “This exciting new area of aerial mobility has the potential to transform the way we move around cities and urban clusters. Sharing progress and aligning regulation across regions is essential to enabling this. The collaboration between GUAAS Asia and AAMIC 2023 will help create more opportunities to bring together academia, industry and regulators to support development in this field.”GUAAS said it is recognised as one of the leading AAM and eVTOL business events and its Asia instalment has been developed to connect the GUAAS community with new audiences in the APAC region. As part of the strategy, GUAAS will be hosting a webinar session at the upcoming AAMIC 2023, an annual event organised by the RAeS China.Gareth Rogers, CEO of Farnborough International, said: “Asia has the capability and drive to be at the forefront of the global AAM market, but there needs to be more cooperation between industry leaders and regulators to make this a reality. We are proud to be partnering with RAeS China on GUAAS Asia and AAMIC 2023 to ensure that we provide high-level international thought leadership and promotion to both platforms, acting as a catalyst for collaboration for the APAC region.”#avoilnews #aviation #aircraft #aam #advancedairmobility #vtol #evtol #asiapacific #china #understanding

    Farnborough International and Royal Aeronautical Society’s China agree to drive collaboration


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  • James Howson

    EM - Aerospace Test & Development Show + CETEX - Consumer Electronics Test & Development EXPO

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    Take a glance at the brands attending at the world's largest exhibition dedicated to aerospace test and validation. Any familiar names catch your eyes? With more exhibitors being confirmed every week, the Aerospace Test & Development Show is not to be miss. We're expecting over 100 exhibitors to showcase their cutting-edge technologies and services, shaping the future of the aviation industry.Get ready to connect with industry professionals, gain valuable insights, and explore the latest innovations in aviation. Immerse yourself in an incredible no-cost conference and discover new products and services that can drive your organisation forward.👉 Check out the list of participating companies to get a glimpse of the influential brands and industry leaders that will be present at the show: #testing #toulouse #aviation

    • UAE IAA on LinkedIn: #uaeiaa #arac2023 #21starac #auditingconference #internalaudit… (31)


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  • Saudi Air Navigation Services


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    A New Generation; Leading the future!Here are the highlights of what was discussed by Chief Shared Services Officer, Engineer Wahhaj Motawie, regarding the new generation of company leaders and employees during his participation in the #Dubai_Airshow ⁩⁦#SANS

    • UAE IAA on LinkedIn: #uaeiaa #arac2023 #21starac #auditingconference #internalaudit… (34)


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UAE IAA on LinkedIn: #uaeiaa #arac2023 #21starac #auditingconference #internalaudit… (38)

UAE IAA on LinkedIn: #uaeiaa #arac2023 #21starac #auditingconference #internalaudit… (39)


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UAE IAA on LinkedIn: #uaeiaa #arac2023 #21starac #auditingconference #internalaudit… (2024)


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